Samsung Galaxy S4 With Best Features

Just weeks are staying for the uncovering of the new Galaxy S4 handset into the business division. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has astonishing features and applications, and from now on it has changed into the most expected phone. It is much unique and paperback from its other Galaxy phones. It has demonstrated that the fourth era of Samsung Galaxy S handset is a greatly rapid unit. It  noted that the telephone performs amazingly well. It is quality and execution is exceptional. It has high-end equal telephones in the portable business sector. The features are good for high to Buy Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung S4 will offer a security bolt down stage called Samsung Knox.

 It has planned different sorts of mobile phones. We know  some of them succumb to the essential classification, and  a few others which succumb to the high close class. Both of these are useful for their value and are drawing in people towards themselves. Around all these mobile phones, the S arrangement by Samsung has become into the most famous. While the first model of this system was a hit without anyone else present, the further models did equity to the buildup. Samsung S3 was the later expansion, and it got the extravagant the clients. Nonetheless, there is more news advancing your direction in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

As of late, Samsung and Absolute Software declared that essentially the some of the Samsung Galaxy phones furnished with Samsung Knox. It accounted for that the first to get this characteristic around the Samsung Galaxy phones will be the Samsung Galaxy S4. We know, Samsung will root the Absolute Soft ware's consistent endpoint security and performance results as a feature inside Samsung Knox and into the firmware of some Samsung Galaxy handsets. For play and work, Samsung Knox is a secure portable stage which offers a security improved Android stage and provision compartment.

The Samsung Galaxy s4 users surely will get access to computerize Lo jack, which given by absolutes firmware. With the assistance,  it, clients can remotely track, supervise and securely secure their Galaxy cell phone or tablet from any corner of the world. Like the Blackberry Q10 and Z10 users, even the Galaxy users can set their handset into personal or expert mode. With the person mode, the Galaxy users can secure their data on the phone while the Galaxy users with the expert mode can secure critical versatile information, screen their devices and profit from a security caution system.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smaller than usual gives us an experience which is keeping pace with the Samsung Galaxy S4 itself, just that we have a layered form in your grasp of the same beast. Pocket rocket fits in your grasp and does not feel too cumbersome. With innovation from Samsung's top phone or the reasonableness of a littler one.the Other thing that is more not the same as the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that,

Smart phone manufacturer HTC introduces "One X plus"

HTC One X plus
HTC One X plus

Manufacturer HTC introduces its flagship smart phone, the One X, Products "One X" then refresh to One X + (plus) in October 2012. These two products are identical, but make no mistake, there is a difference of hardware specifications on One X +.

As of January 2013, One X + is still the most products rely on HTC, thanks to the 3 component updates. Is this specification update makes One X + better than One X.

The first update is located on  processor. HTC One X + is using quad-core processor, the Nvidia Tegra 3. the HTC OneX using a speed of 1.5 Ghz. Although the difference between the two is not too significant, but the OneX + heat faster in comparison One X, especially when used to play games weight class.

Graphics processing units use the same ULP GeForce 2. in addition to high-resolution, graphics processing unit performance is very good. Not only ideal for multi-media activities, such as surfing the Internet or watching HD video, as well as to play games.

One advantage if an Android smart phone using Tegra 3 processor, is support from game developers for the processor on this one. Support or optimization, among others, allows the Tegra 3 display graphical effects that are richer than other processors.

Battery Capacity

The second update of the HTC One X + lies in 2.100mAh battery capacity, is greater than the OneX is only 1,800 mAh. With a battery capacity, the OneX + certainly live longer, OneX + can survive up to 11 to 12 hours to send email, play games and occasionally accessing social networking apps such as twitter, path, facebook, instagram up.

Keep in mind, battery life phones HTC One X + is highly dependent on the frequency of use, if you continue to use the phone to access the internet, call, or play the game, of course the battery will run out quickly, the amount of installed applications also affect battery


- Quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 AP37
- Clock speed 1.7 GHz
- 3.5 mm audio Jack
- Weight 135 grams
- For ULP graphics processor GeForce2
- Operating system Android 4.1
- 8 MP camera with LED flash
- 1.6 MP front camera
- 64 GB internal memory (no slot Micro SD)
- The screen is 4.8 inches 
- Screen resolution 1.280x720
- Density of 312 ppi PIXEL
- The wireless network GPRS, HSPA, EDGE, 4G LTE, 3G, 
- Wireless networks NFC, WiFi, DLNA, MHL, GPS, WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth, Micro SIM card, Connectivity Micro USB, 
- The price is approximately $ 650

So Young Mainstay, Samsung GALAXY S III Mini

Samsung GALAXY III Mini
Samsung GALAXY III Mini
As a young man, of daily life will be filled with various activities while striving to realize the dream. Obviously, it would be nice if there was the Samsung GALAXY S III mini that helps pass the days challenging.

One thing that can not be separated from the lives of young people today is the communication device. Of course, not just any communication device. Ideally, the communication device that can meet the needs of communication, multitasking to entertainment.

Samsung GALAXY S III mini newly launched mid January 2013 comes as a reliable communication device for the younger children. Smart phone with ergonomic and elegant design is equipped with features that will make it easier for a variety of activities, from socializing to seek information.

  Performance Samsung GALAXY S III mini will not disappoint because it has a dual core 1 Ghz processor, 1 GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of 8 GB or 16 GB and supported version of the operating system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This is certainly reliable performance for just browsing, photos, video recording, to communicate intense.

Touch screen 4.0-inch super AMOLED display with 800x480 WVGA resolution natural color and brilliant. Display photos and videos will look more stunning.

Samsung GALAXY S III mini is available in colors Pebble Blue and White Marble is equipped with a 5 MP rear camera. Business photographing portraits will be easier because of the Best Shot feature.

This feature will select the best photos of the captured images. So no need to take photos repeatedly if the results are not satisfactory

an active and dynamic young man who was recommended to have this smartphone because smartphone samsung product is a great fit with the character of young people

After launching exclusively for the china market, samsung released the samsung galaxy win for the global market. Galaxy win that features two card (dual SIM), according to Samsung, will facilitate the use for the purposes of balance between work and everyday life outside the office.

A big screen for optimal vision, Easy mode for easy access to functions used most frequently, and many more, "Samsung Electronics said in a statement to the press

Galaxy win run with android jelly bean and combined with powerful hardware, so it is very easy to use by samsung for games and multimedia

camera capabilities supported by continuous shot feature, best photo and multi-color effects to make photos of high quality, samsung device includes 8 GB of storage capacity. some other features in ungulkan among others, Easy mode, smart alerts. Easy mode is a mode yan main screen allows users to access primary functions. Smart Alert will display a notification, both the incoming call, message or you might miss yan agenda, with just lifting the phone. Galaxy win preformance will be available two different versions, one card and two cards

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