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iPhone 5
iPhone 5

One of Taiwan's technology site again blew rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 with a more affordable price. According to the site based on the source, who declined to name. Apple will launch a cheap version of the iPhone in the second half of 2013

Mentioned on the site, Apple is targeting sales of iPhone 5 in china and some other developing countries. This is done separately boost iPhone 5 sales in developing countries. It has not been as good as in the U.S. and Europe

Apple iPhone 5 in china slid on December 2012 sales this device is quite good although not too phenomenal. Apple consumers in china in the report has purchased 2 million iPhone 5 in just 3 days of its release. But with the large number of residents in the bamboo curtain country, the figure is closer to 1 percent market penetration.

  Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which is several times the media have accurately related to apple rumors confirming the possibility of the presence of low-cost iPhone in 2013. By SWJ way Apple has done to get a cheap version of the iPhone 5 is to replace the product casing material

Cheap iPhone will have a design is not much different from the current iPhone, but the device will have a casing with cheaper materials

iPhone 5 uses the aluminum casing, while the iPhone at an affordable price is rumored to be using plastic polycarbonate material. Some parts will likely remain the same or recycled older model iPhone darti

MITO A220 - Ready to Compete in Segment Phablet


Through Mito A220 , Mito Mobile ready to compete through phablet with affordable price tag in Indonesia. Director MITO Mobile Lie Hansen said the popularity of the main drivers of this trend as the consumer tablet itself when it wants mobile devices that have a size larger layer

According to Lie, it is actually very reasonable, when a handset is getting smarter, how to use the device to consume content in a moving increasingly advance. "Not only to surf the internet. They (users) are also really enjoy watching videos, playing games, fibers conducting productivity in the layer bigger, it can be done through phablet. "He said, therefore the local vendors are synonymous with the word innovation, MITO Mobile does not want to miss for as soon as possible to put their products in the segment phablet this.

MITO A220 is the answer. With a price tag of less than Rp 799 thousand, users get phablet that has touch screen 5 inches (resisitif are sensitive to sweep the finger.
1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM ensures that the MITO A220 remains responsive. And using a ROM and an additional 4 Gb memory card slot up to 32 GB

MITO A220 operating system using the latest version of Android ice cream sandwich (4.0). Phablet with Dual SIM card is working on a Dual GSM network 900/1800 MHz

Paired two cameras so that users do not miss the moment, 2 MP camera behind to record a video or take a picture and 0.3 MP camera in the front. MITO A220 also supports multiple languages ​​in it ie English, Indonesian, Chinese.

The use of course can avail superior to Android OS Masenger through applications such as yahoo, google navigation, google places, google mail, google maps, google search, facebook, twitter biased to download on google play.

Additional entertainment features other is a TV Tuner so that users do not miss television shows His favorite everywhere, in addition, users can still listen to the radio and play music.

According to Hansen Lie, by presenting a more affordable price phablet. Indonesian consumers would be more interested in welcoming the trend phablet, "The market potential phablet in Indonesia is very large and prospective, so we'll wait,"

Specifications Mito A220

Price of Rp 799 thousand
Dual Network GSM 900/1800 Mhz
5-inch screen resistive touchscreen
Processor 1 Ghz
512 MB RAM
OS Android 4.0 ICS
Dual camera 2 MP camera, 0.3MP front
Konektiviti GSM EDGE, GPRS, WiFi, 3.5 mm audio jack
Other features TV tuner, FM Radio, Audio / Video
Video record player macket Android, Google maps, Google search, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, IM, Email.
English, Chinese, Indonesian

Coming Soon in Indonesia-Mobile HTC Butterfly

HTC Butterfly
HTC Butterfly
HTC Butterfly, a smartphone with the jumbo-sized screen will be present in Indonesia, this Mobile will be available in Indonesia market started the first quarter of 2013 or no later than March 2013

HTC Butterfly for the first time introduced in Japan in October 2012. The device is then brought to the United States one month later. However, this product does not come with the name Butterfly in the U.S. prefer to use the name HTC Droid DNA in the market.

HTC Butterfly lot of attention because it comes with screen sizes large enough for the size of the smartphone, this device has a 5-inch layer that supports 1080p resolution. layer in HTC Butterfly, preached sharper than iphone5. The screen has 440ppi kerapan up. Whereas layer features a density of 326ppi iPhone5 only.

LCD screens are used manifold 3 and already layered glass from Coming, Gorilla Glass two. This smartphone is equipped with a powerful specification. The devices in the armed Snapdragon S four Processor 1.5 Ghz QUAD core from Qualcomm and 2 GB RAM

The operating system in use on this device is Android version 4.1 or commonly known as Jelly Bean. Like most high-end smartphones in circulation in recent years, HTC Butterfly is complete with two cameras, one on the back and one in front.

HTC Butterfly comes with Beats Audio speakers. In addition, the smartphone is equipped with medium jumbo layer with a storage capacity of 16 GB, unfortunately not equipped with a microSD slot. This mobile has come with a battery capacity of 2,020 mAh

Price not yet known which will be priced by HTC for this device in Indonesia. As an illustration, HTC Butterfly unlocked version sold in the U.S. has a price of around 700 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD 6.9 million

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