BlackBerry 10 Versus iPhone 5

BlackBerry Z10
BlackBerry 10
Devices with the new BlackBerry 10 operating system will be formally introduced by RIM on Jan. 30, but some parties have received earlier that BlackBerry 10 phones. One of them is lucky to have tested one variant phones Blackbarrey Z10, Z10 BB is the origin of the German media, Telekom Presse. BlackBerry Z10 which is a variant with full touchscreen layer. by the media try to compare with the iPhone 5.

The comparison is even in a video uploaded on Youtube. Seen from the video, the physical design of the BlackBerry 10 glance very similar to the iPhone 5. However, hardware specifications of the stretcher are both very different.

BlackBerry Z10 has the size and density of the layer is larger than the iPhone 5. BlackBerry battery capacity used Z10 was bigger than the iPhone 5, 1800mAH versus 1440 mAh.

For the second component, the BlackBerry Z10 came out ahead of the iPhone 5. The next voice command feature will be pitted, If Apple has Siri voice command feature, BlackBerry 10 has a feature called Voice Control Voice BlackBerry.

Features voice commands which one is better? The result is quite surprising, the video shows the Blackberry Voice Control works more firmly than siri, when in order to write and send a message, the BlackBerry was again superior when in fights in the opening Web page. iPhone 5 with mobile safari browser it turns out less quickly than in the BlackBerry Browser Z10

Compete "Browsing" between the two never made ​​another tech site, the results are winning BlackBerry 10. whether the advantage over a revival signals BlackBerry 10?

Superior in some testing on the BlackBerry device does not conclude better than iPhoen 10 5. But it can at least show the ability of the widely used  BB 10 users

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